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Trump, Gardner prop up one another for re-election at Colorado Springs campaign rally

Trump: “At stake in our present battle is the survival of our nation."
Posted at 9:52 PM, Feb 20, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – President Donald Trump and Sen. Cory Gardner propped up one another as well as the Republican policies implemented by both as they campaigned for re-election Thursday at a lengthy rally in Colorado Springs.

Trump, whose approval ratings are far underwater in Colorado, called Gardner “a champion” and said Gardner had his “complete and total support and endorsement,” adding that Gardner “will never let you down.” Both have endorsed one another for re-election.

“Vote for Cory, vote for Trump, vote for the Republican Party,” Trump said. “We’re getting it done.”

Full speech: President Trump campaigns for 2020 in Colorado Springs

The president was in typical campaign form at the Broadmoor World Arena, ticking off his administration’s accomplishments, bringing Colorado’s Republican congressional delegation and Interior Secretary on stage – along with UFC boss Dana White – and riling up the crowd that filled the 8,000-seat arena.

He took aim at several of the Democratic presidential candidates and their Wednesday debate performances with his typical nicknames, digressed to hit the news media and to prop up his favorite Fox News hosts, praised his tax cuts and the nation’s unemployment rate, and said he was considering making Colorado the headquarters for Space Command – something sought by politicians of both parties here in the Centennial State.

And though he met with Gov. Jared Polis upon his arrival in Colorado Springs to discuss Space Command, he spent a portion of the end of his speech slamming the Democratic officials that hold the top offices in the state and both chambers of the legislature – claiming that Colorado had become a “sanctuary state.”

“These are the Democrats. Democrats think Colorado should be a haven for murderers, kidnappers, and felons that come into our country illegally,” Trump claimed, falsely.

And when protesters briefly disrupted his rally, the crowd booed, and Trump chastised those removed from the rally by saying their mothers would not be happy with them. He also joked about the Trump legacy lasting more than a quarter of a century remarking, “When we leave office in 26 years or so, they’re going to miss us.”

He heaped praise on Gardner for his commitment to the president and his policies and implored voters to support the Yuma Republican in November.

“You’re going to help get Cory Gardner across that finish line because he’s been with us 100%,” Trump said. “There was no waver – there was no waver with Cory.”

When discussing his own impeachment and Gardner’s opposition to calling new witnesses in the Senate trial and to removing Trump from office, he again praised Gardner – then later puzzlingly called for the impeachment of former President Barack Obama.

“By the way, Cory was with us all the time. Cory didn’t move, didn’t budge. He said it was a bunch of bull,” Trump said.

He also praised Republican Reps. Doug Lamborn, Ken Buck and Scott Tipton for their support and called them on stage, along with Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, another Colorado native.

On moving the Bureau of Land Management headquarters to Colorado, President Trump told the crowd his administration believes “the people who manage the lands of the great American West should live right here in the Great American West.”

Gardner took the stage an hour or so before Trump, and used his 10-minute speech to tell those gathered why they should support both him and Trump in November and stand strong to keep Democrats out of office.

“When we look at what we’ve been able to do for Colorado with the help of President Trump and his entire team, the results are simply astounding,” Gardner said, listing off the BLM move to Grand Junction, the establishment of Space Force in Colorado, and a water pipeline funding plan as among those results.

“These things don’t just happen. The BLM doesn’t just move to Grand Junction. Federal dollars don’t just come to Colorado because there are no other priorities,” Gardner said. “This takes hard work. This takes partnership. And this takes a willingness to roll up your sleeves to get things done, which is exactly what we’ve done for Colorado. These things happened because President Trump and I worked together for Colorado.”

Gardner said Republicans “have to go on the offensive” and explain to voters why, as Republicans claim, Democratic policies, which both he and Trump blanketed with the term “socialist,” would “hurt Colorado.”

“While they want to bribe you with free, I will stand with you for freedom,” Gardner said.

Trump said that he would be making “a big decision” about the location of the new Space Command by the end of the year and mentioned his meeting with Polis, which the governor said was an effort to lobby Trump to bring the Space Command to the Centennial State.

“I love the Air Force Academy and you have all the infrastructure, so you’re being considered very strongly,” Trump said, which was followed by cheers from the crowd.

“Colorado is the perfect home for Space Command and I was excited to have the opportunity to remind President Trump why that’s true,” Polis said in a statement. “Colorado is home to a proud military history. Not only do we have a strong community of veterans and active duty military, but our state is the epicenter for the national security and aerospace industries. We had a great conversation today about why Colorado is best and I think after his visit to Colorado Springs, the President will see that Space Command’s permanent home should once again be in Colorado. The President said he enjoyed his speech at the Air Force Academy Graduation and is strongly considering Colorado for Space Command and plans to decide by the end of the year.”

Gardner said it was up to conservatives to keep him, Trump and Republicans in office in November’s election.

“It is our job as conservatives to make sure that when we look up to that great Rocky Mountain horizon, we see the optimism of Colorado. We see the hope of our great nation,” Gardner said. “Because I believe in Colorado. I believe in America. I believe in the power of this great nation. And I believe in all of you.”

After the speeches, Colorado’s Democratic members of Congress and Democratic Party chair chastised the claims made during the event in a series of statements.

And after an hour and 40 minutes of speaking, the president made his final pitch to Colorado Republicans for 2020.

“At stake in our present battle is the survival of our nation,” the president said.

This article was written by Blair Miller, Óscar Contreras for KMGH .