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Super Follows: Twitter will soon allow users to charge fee so followers can see 'bonus' tweets

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Posted at 7:38 AM, Feb 26, 2021

Twitter said Thursday it plans to launch a new feature soon that will allow users to charge followers to view exclusive content.

The new feature called “Super Follows” will allow Twitter users to, as Forbes reports, “offer followers bonus tweets, access to community groups or a subscription to a newsletter.” The extra services would be available to followers for a fee starting a $4.99 a month.

The service is among the first subscription services Twitter has offered to individual users. Up to this point, the platform has been largely ad-driven.

Twitter will likely take a cut of the subscription fee for “Super Follows” and pass the rest of the revenue on to the creator.

The “Super Follows” model appears to be inspired by other platforms for online creators that have popped up in recent years, particularly Patreon. Patreon allows podcasters, independent journalists and others in online media to charge a subscription fee for access to exclusive content.

The Verge reports that Facebook and YouTube have launched similar features in recent years.

Forbes reports that the announcement comes after Twitter acquired a company called Revue, which allows users to create and monetize email newsletters.

Twitter also announced Thursday that it will soon be unveiling a new feature called “Communities” — groups users can join with topics centered on common interests. Mockup images show example communities like “Plant Parents” and “#SocialJustice.”

Twitter did not say when either feature would be introduced, instead saying more information would come in the months ahead.