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Powerful US storms expected to hit several parts of the country

Winter Weather Minnesota
Posted at 7:46 PM, Feb 14, 2023

Meteorologists say record high winter temperatures in the northeast of the United States are going to, in part, contribute to multiple strong winter storms forecasted to hit multiple parts of the U.S. this week.

The storms are expected to bring with them powerful winds, along with rain and snow.

Parts of states in the U.S. West werealreadyunder winter storm warnings including in New Mexico, parts of Colorado and Arizona.

Millions of Americans are in the path of two powerful storms that were expected to move from west to east this week between Monday and Thursday.

Drivers were urged to be cautious on roadways as the lower temperatures are expected to freeze moisture and create slick spots on roadways that can be hazardous to motorists.

In the central states a lack of colder air is expected to create mostly rainy conditions in those areas, with up to two inches expected as the first storm passes over the country.

Snow was still expected over parts of the Plains region on Wednesday which was forecasted to spread to parts of the Midwest later on Wednesday night and into Thursday.

Up to six inches of snow was expected in the higherelevation areas like in the High Plains region and in parts of Colorado and northern New Mexico this week.

It will be mostly rain that falls over the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast of the United States.

The second storm is expected to bring severe thunder and rain.