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Molson Coors gunman identified as longtime company electrician

Posted at 3:48 PM, Feb 27, 2020

The man suspected of killing five people before turning the gun on himself at the Molson Coors facility in Milwaukee has been identified as a longtime electrician with the company, multiple sources tell Scripps station WTMJ.

Anthony Ferrill, 51, worked as an electrician at Molson Coors for the last 20 years.

Milwaukee police said the gunman opened fire at a Molson Coors building Wednesday afternoon. Five employees were killed before Ferrill turned the gun on himself. Police have not yet officially identified Ferrill.

Molson Coors workers describe horror over mass shooting, one day later

The shooting occurred at a sprawling facility that includes a mix of corporate offices and brewing facilities.

A motive for the shooting is unknown at this time. Police were seen at a home believed to be owned by Ferrill Thursday afternoon.

State, local officials respond to Molson Coors shooting

Neighbors say investigators arrived to the 8000 block of Potomac Avenue before 3 p.m. on Feb 26, and haven't left.

State Representative Lakeshia Myers tweeted on Wednesday that the police presence in the area is related to the shooting that happened at Molson Coors.

"I feel bad for the family," said Elizabeth Pine. She lives across the street from the home being investigated.

She said that federal agents came to her home as many as six times to question her about her neighbor.

Molson Coors workers gather at McBob's on North Ave. to mourn together day after mass shooting

"They were here until after 11," said LaPine. "It's just unreal. You know? You're just in disbelief. You wouldn't think somebody could do something like that."

LaPine and other neighbors, who did not wish to be identified, said police would not tell them why they were being questioned. But, after hearing news of the mass shooting at Molson Coors they quickly realized there was a connection between that tragic crime and the crime scene on their block.

"One of the policemen came and he had a picture and he asked me to identify the picture and then I knew who it was," said LaPine.