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'Homophobic' passenger accused of assaulting flight attendant

Delta Airlines
Posted at 3:21 PM, Apr 27, 2022

A man who was seated in first-class on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Phoenix, Arizona was arrested earlier this month for allegedly assaulting a flight attendant.

According to a criminal complaint, Christopher Morgan first became upset when flight attendants told him to put his seat belt on and bring his seat into an upright position before the plane took off.

After refusing, one of the flight attendants pushed the button to bring Morgan's seat into an upright position, the complaint says.

While in the air, Morgan was reportedly served an alcoholic drink but was refused a second round.

The criminal complaint says that's when Morgan cursed at the flight attendant, called him an anti-gay slur and threw ice at him.

When the flight attendant tried to contact the pilot about the disruption, the criminal complaint says Morgan grabbed the telephone and hit the flight attendant in the chest with it.

Morgan was met by FBI agents once the flight landed in Phoenix. The criminal complaint says Morgan told them that he is "homophobic" and the flight attendant made him feel uncomfortable.

The criminal complaint states that Morgan admitted to calling the flight attendant an anti-gay slur, but he said he never touched the telephone.

Morgan faces up to 20 years in prison for disrupting a flight.