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Group helps AAPI artists to reach their goals

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Posted at 1:23 PM, May 11, 2022

SAN DIEGO — These artists use music, art, and dance to express themselves through art.

But for these Asian American Pacific Islander Artists, it's more than just performing. It's a way of bringing their culture to life.

They're part of a brand new network called the United AAPI Artists or UAA. The network was created to empower AAPI artists in San Diego by providing support to help them reach their goals.

From networking opportunities to setting up open spaces where each artist can practice their craft.

Artist Trixi Agiao said, "It was nice to be in a room with Asian people from different places from not just film anymore. But also we have like actors and writers, more dancers more just like artists and writers who are like, willing to be together. It was nice to see that representation in the room."

The group has now taken on its own identity, opening doors for these artists who are changing the landscape, which has been lacking AAPI representation.

Thelma De Castro, with UAA says, "some people may not be comfortable with it. They may not be comfortable with people with accents or values. But that's part of our diversity, and that's what makes each artist's voice so special. There's no way to leave it behind."

With May being Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, these members are hoping the community steps in to support their artists by discovering the arts in San Diego.

Artist, Vietca Do says, "It's one of those months where we can celebrate eating and gathering and being together and art. Art is such a major factor in everyone's life that they just don't realize it, and it comes in so many different forms. You can come in TV and media and plays."

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This story was first reported by Marie Coronel at KGTV in San Diego.