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FBI investigating Humvee stolen from California military facility

Stolen humvee
California stolen humvee
Posted at 1:54 PM, Jan 19, 2021

LOS ANGELES - The FBI and agencies in Southern California are investigating the theft of a military Humvee.

Investigators say the vehicle was stolen around 8 a.m. Friday from a military facility in Los Angeles. It is green camouflage in color, and has the battalion number, 40th BSB, on the back left side.

The Humvee that was stolen was “up-armored,” according to officials, meaning it had been upgraded and is considered a combat vehicle. They say the Humvee is worth about $120,000.

Theft from a military facility, which is considered government property, violates federal law and if someone is found guilty they could be sentenced to up to ten years in a federal prison.

California stolen humvee
The FBI says this humvee was stolen from a military facility in Los Angeles.

The FBI is offering a reward up to $10,000 for information leading to the recovery of the Humvee.