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Dept. of Agriculture warns this insect could be detrimental to Ohio's wine industry

Dept. of Agriculture warn's this insect could be detrimental to Ohio's wine industry
Posted at 2:29 PM, Jul 21, 2020

The Ohio Department of Agriculture issued a warning about an insect that could kill wine in Ohio.

The spotted lanternfly can cause significant damage to some plants and has been seen in Pennsylvania.

According to the Department of Agriculture, the insect is fond of grape and fruit trees, hops, blueberry, oak, pine, poplar and walnut.

Adult spotted lanterflies usually eat grapevines, while nymphs eat multiple types of plants.

The insects eat stems and leaves, which can cause sap to bleed and reduce photosynthesis, which can eventually kill the plant.

Spotted lanternflies can be spotted now through November.

The insect can be identified by its red body, roughly a half-inch in size, with black stripes and white dots. Later this summer until November, the insect is in the adult moth stage. The adults are larger, roughly one inch in size, with black bodies and brightly colored wings.

The insect has not been confirmed in Ohio yet but residents who believe they have spotted one are asked to report it online or by calling 614-728-640.

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WEWS' Courtney Shaw first reported this story.