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Could technology be the solution to fix McDonald's ice cream machines?

Posted at 11:02 PM, Feb 13, 2020

Anyone who has ever made a late night visit to McDonald's knows the pain of being told the ice cream machine is down.

Over the years, numerous customer have complained on social media platforms and review sites about the reliability of McDonald's ice cream machines. There was even an app created to crowd source locations of working ice cream machines.

Perhaps there is a solution that could fix McDonald's ice cream machine dilemma.

According to Business Insider , some McDonald's franchises will use a service called Kytch. According to Kytch's website, it is is a small computer installed inside the ice cream machine. The machine helps predict when machines need maintenance or repairs.

A representative for McDonald's declined to be interviewed, and Kytch has not responded to a request for comment.

Almost McDonald's locations are franchised owned, and it's up to the franchisee to add the technology. McDonald's is not using Kytch's technology system-wide at this time, the company confirmed.

Reports indicate that a major reason why soft serve machines frequently are not functional is due to laborious cleaning cycles that are required daily. Kytch's technology reportedly will ensure cleaning is happening when it's supposed to. It also can correct errors that are made due to human error.