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Company uses fish scales to create tiles

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Jan 24, 2023

Granite, quartz and ceramic have some competition from fish scales.

Scalite is a stone-like material made 100% from fish scales.

It was created by Erik de Laurens, who was reportedly attending the Royal College of Art in London when he invented the product and started the company Scale.

Scalite is made through a process conducted in two different phases. The natural biopolymer is extracted from the scales. It's then mixed with the mineral part of the scales to create the base material, which is compressed.

The company notes that the scales are a byproduct of the fishing industry, making them "natural and sustainably sourced material."

The stone is currently available in six different colors in "unique" patterns.

"It is naturally dirt-repellent, so it also requires simple maintenance without the use of detergents," the company states.

The material is not waterproof, so the company recommends protecting it with a clear lacquer or varnish.

It's marketed for use in various industries including home design, hospitality and offices.