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Company making reusable toiletries

Posted at 9:32 AM, Feb 23, 2021

Would you ever reuse a Q-tip? How about a facial tissue? Most people would say no, and that's understandable. But some designers have come up with a way to use those same products over and over again, without the “ew” factor.

The company LastObject has one goal and it's to cut down on waste from disposable products. Right now, they have reuseable Q-tips, facial tissues and makeup rounds. The Q-tip was their first product.

Creators say there was a big movement on cutting the use of straws, but people didn't think of how other everyday products create so much waste.

“When people throw them out in single-use versions, in your toilet, they're flushed through. Even here in Denmark, we have a really good water system, but they go through the filtration system, so they actually end up directly into the oceans,” said Isabel Aagaard, cofounder of LastObject.

The Q-tips are made out of a sturdy nylon rod and the swabs are made out of a silicone material that can be easily cleaned. They're meant to be used 1,000 times.

The facial tissues are made from cotton and are sewn in a way that makes them hygienic and can withstand being washed repeatedly.

Right now, LastObject focuses on toiletries, but would eventually like to create reusable kitchen products too.

“We're not the only ones that are in this field right now, which is amazing. I think that we're really seeing a paradigm shift right now in the culture and the habits about how people really want to make a difference,” said Aagaard.

There are other products that aim to be environmentally friendly, but they are not necessarily single-use. There are a lot of plastic-free toothbrushes now, usually made with bamboo.