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Bride in Pennsylvania dislocates knee during first dance at wedding

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Posted at 1:36 PM, Jul 22, 2021

A bride in Pennsylvania traded in her wedding gown for a hospital gown after she dislocated her knee during her first dance at her wedding.

According to CNN, Julie Benn and her husband Paul Richter was ready to get down and party after exchanging vows on their wedding day.

While out on the dance floor, the couple began slow dancing to "Stay" by Dave Matthews Band for their first dance.

Benn instantly knew something was wrong when Richter dipped her, telling FOX29 that she had dislocated her knee despite wearing flats and not having any knee problems.

Army 2nd Lt. Richter carried his bride off the dance floor, and she was whisked off in an ambulance to a local hospital.

Doctor's reset Benn's knee, and she spent her wedding night with her husband laying next to her, and her mother, who's a retired nurse, slept nearby in a cot

According to FOX29, the couple made it back to their wedding just in time for the last dance.