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Dangers of base jumping highlighted as man seen hitting side of cliff in Utah

Utah, Moab base jumper
Posted at 12:02 AM, Dec 01, 2022

A base jumper in Moab, Utah is in critical condition at a hospital after an accident during a base jumping event.

The man was seen on video taken by a family driving by as he slammed into the side of a cliff after jumping, getting his parachute stuck on the rocks.

There was reportedly little cell phone reception which delayed emergency services being called out. When search and rescue teams arrived it took around two hours to get the man down from the cliff as he was dangling, injured, about 70 feet off the ground.

As Fox 10 Phoenix reported, the man slammed into a 400-foot cliff known as Tombstone in Kane Cree Canyon.

As the jumper was rescued, he was alive but injured badly and had to be airlifted out of the canyon to a hospital.

Authorities say it was one of multiple base jumping incidents over the Thanksgiving holiday during the Turkey Boogie annual BASE celebration for thesport, which raises money for local services.