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1,700 medical workers infected with coronavirus in China

Posted at 10:25 PM, Feb 14, 2020

Among those hardest hit by the coronavirus are reportedly doctors and hospital staff. In fact, nearly 1,700 doctors and medical staff in China have come down with the virus, the Chinese government confirmed on Friday. The infected medical staff accounts for 3.8 of all known cases of the coronavirus in China.

Among the 1,700 infections, six have died. Nearly 1,100 of the cases are from the hard-hit city of Wuhan, which has been the epicenter of the virus.

A New York Times report indicates employees are overwhelmed and don't have the protective gear to minimize the risk of catching the deadly virus.

"They have used tape to patch up battered protective masks, repeatedly reused goggles meant for one-time use, and wrapped their shoes in plastic bags for lack of specialized coverings," the Times reported.

The issues with proper medical equipment is something the Chinese government has acknowledged.

"First, we must improve the working and resting conditions of medical staff," China health minister Zeng Yixin said. "Strengthen the construction of protective facilities and equipment for occupational exposure of medical staff, and focus on transforming doctors' offices, duty rooms and rest rooms. Provide good logistical services for medical staff and ensure adequate sleep and diet for medical staff."

The Chinese government has reported nearly 1,400 deaths caused from the coronavirus.