Texas Democrats plan to leave the state to stop GOP voting bill

Voting Bills Texas
Posted at 1:40 PM, Jul 12, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas – Democrats in the Texas Legislature are planning to leave the state in another revolt against a GOP overhaul of election laws.

A person with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press that Democrats are set to once again break quorum at the Texas statehouse in a dramatic showdown over voting rights in America.

NBC News reports that at least 58 Democratic members of the state’s House are expected to flee the state.

The New York Times reports that the group of lawmakers arranged for a pair of chartered flights to fly them to Washington, D.C. to spotlight what they believe is an assault by the GOP on the ability to vote in Texas.

It would be the first time since 2003 that Texas Democrats have crossed state lines to break quorum, which is needed to conduct state business.

In May, Democrats walked out of the Texas Capitol to block a sweeping bill that included bans on 24-hour polling places and provisions to empower partisan poll watchers.

Afterward, Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans initiated a special session in another attempt to pass the bill. Over the weekend, the legislation was passed out of committees and into the full chamber. GOP leaders planned to move to a final vote Tuesday, The Times reports.

It remains unclear if the Democrats fleeing the state will be enough to stop Republicans from attaining a quorum.

The move by the Texas Democrats comes a day before President Joe Biden is set to deliver remarks on “protecting the sacred, constitutional right to vote,” according to the White House.