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‘Demon dog’ Ralphie making strides in training, shelter says

Posted at 8:47 PM, Mar 04, 2023

Ralphie, the seemingly unadoptable French bulldog from upstate New York, is making progress in his intensive training program, according to his shelter.

The tiny bundle of terror captured the internet's heart last month after the Niagara SPCA in Niagara Falls posted a brutally honest adoption ad. The shelter described him as "a fire-breathing demon" and "a terror in a somewhat small package."

Following the viral adoption ad, Ralphie was adopted for the third time, only to be returned to the shelter when he "proved to be more" than his adopter could handle.

In a bid to resolve his behavioral problems and prepare him for a forever home, Ralphie is now participating in a rigorous six-week boarding and training program. And he's already making headway, according to an update posted to the shelter's Facebook.

"We're told he's learning some impulse control around vacuums and brooms and they're working on his reactivity in his crate," the shelter wrote in the post. "He has really great basic obedience skills which have made training easier."

The trainer described Ralphie as "athletic" and "kind of a fun guy," according to the shelter.

In addition to working on impulse control and reactivity, Ralphie is also engaging in agility training, according to the Facebook post. This will help with "creating a bond of sorts and expending energy."

The shelter also posted an adorable video of Ralphie's training in action. The video features the canine menace jumping over hurdles and playing with a toy.

The pup's first family rehomed him after training was unsuccessful, the shelter said. His second family surrendered him to the shelter after he "annoyed" their older dog.

The Niagra SPCA is still looking for an experienced dog owner with no other pets or children to adopt Ralphie -- hopefully for the last time.