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What you need to know about Beer Yoga

Posted at 1:50 PM, May 15, 2023

Copenhagen, DENMARK (CBS) — With the weather warming up - yoga lovers are finding a new sense of balance by cracking open an ice-cold beer in class. "Beer Yoga" is booming in popularity around the globe.

When the instructor calls for bottoms up in this yoga class in Copenhagen – she means it. “It’s about doing yoga and drinking beer. It’s actually quite simple,” says Anne Lund who leads the one-hour class in a park in Denmark’s capital.

Beer yoga was the main attraction at Copenhagen Beer Week this month, with participants seeking harmony both in body and taste. “Because the alcohol sometimes make you feel more loose and more like going with the flow, thinking a little bit less,” participant Selina Wass said.

But even the pros admit balancing beer with traditional yoga poses can get a bit tricky. “You know, if you're standing in a downward-facing dog, you can't have a beer. But then you can put your leg down to maybe drink from the side,” Lund joked.

Breweries around the globe are capitalizing on the concept that’s thought to have started in the US. Newbies like Wass are hooked. “You forget that there's someone else there. You just do you, there's no judgment at all,” she says.

A safe place to sip – where Namaste and “Cheers” go hand in hand.

Beer yoga is catching on across the U.S. from California to New York along with Colorado, Texas, and Florida. It's also gaining popularity online -- with some newbies preferring to try it first at home.

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