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7-Eleven workers lay into would-be robber in now-viral video

Posted at 12:23 PM, Aug 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-04 12:24:57-04

STOCKTON, California (KOVR) -- A viral video showing a robbery at a Stockton, California 7-Eleven turned attack at the hands of the store employees is under investigation by the Stockton Police Department.

The incident happened on Saturday, according to the man who filmed the altercation, at the 7-Eleven on the corner of Center and Market streets.

The location sits directly across from the Stockton Police Department Headquarters.

Deda, the man who filmed the now-viral altercation, said he stopped at the store for gas and a Red Bull.

As he went to the register to pay, he was interrupted by a man who went behind the register and began dumping cigarettes into a trash can to steal.

"I wasn't afraid. It was more like, look, I gotta make it home. If I'm here, he's here, they're here…" said Deda.

His phone, already in his hand to pay for the drink, became his "protection" he said as he started filming the theft as a way to capture what was happening.

Through the more than 5-minute long video, Deda is heard on camera attempting to talk the masked man, in the middle of the robbery, away from the crime.

"First thing I said, 'Can I get a swisher,' I said that to break the monotony of what's going on," said Deda.

He's overheard on video telling the store employees not to escalate violence, as the masked man did not show a weapon.

Deda said he was unsure if the man had a knife.

The masked man attempts to move from behind the register and is met by the two 7-Eleven employees.

KOVR reached out to 7-Eleven to learn if the employees faced consequences for their actions, but did not hear back Thursday night.

The employees begin to beat the man who attempted to rob their store.

They tell Deda the man has tried to do the same on three separate occasions.

"25-26 hits… I was quiet at a point because I couldn't believe it was happening, then next thing I know, yo, this is getting too much, this is excessive," said Deda.

The video captures Deda speaking to the employees, asking if they have called police, to which they answer they have not.

"Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that," Deda is heard telling the employees on the cell phone video.

The masked man is, eventually, let up from the floor where he was hit repeatedly.

He's walked outside by Deda, who said the 7-Eleven store employees thanked him for intervening.

Policies outlined in a Justice Department report regarding 7-Eleven employee policies if someone is shoplifting say, "Employees are trained to handle robberies as calmly and quickly as they would any other transaction."

Stockton police tell KOVR the incident is under investigation.

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