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Tree removal company owner provides tips ahead of Tropical Storm Isaias

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 18:26:34-04

RICHMOND, Va., — Tropical Storm Isaias is forecasted to bring heavy rain and winds to Central Virginia on Tuesday.

Those winds combined with a saturated group from showers over the weekend may also help topple trees.

Steve Flournoy has owned C.S. Flournoy Inc. for 35 years. He said as meteorologists began predicting the impending storm, he’s received numerous calls for service.

“We'll probably see some trees falling over and on houses,” Flournoy said.

His employees were busy on Monday as storms brought down trees Sunday night, he said.

“You’d want to look for if the tree is leaning. It makes it more dangerous. If it’s leaning and also has any root rot especially on the backside, it increases the likelihood of it falling on something,” Flournoy advised.

The majority of problems and trees that are in danger of falling are preventable, he said.

CBS 6 caught up with Flournoy’s crews that were working to take down a massive oak tree in the Westbriar neighborhood of Henrico on Monday morning.

Homeowner Rob Augustine said he made the decision to remove the tree after purchasing his home in February. He feared branches that tower over his neighbor’s property could fall in the storm.

“I think we are going to miss it a little bit because it provides a lot of shade for it. But, we are happy to have it down and not have any worry that a big limb will drop on the house anymore,” Augustine explained.

Once the storms are finished, the potential for danger is not over. Loose limbs and branches caused by a big storm can cause significant damage.

“We saw the forecast and glad we were able to do it done before,” Augustine stated.

Flournoy encouraged families to hire a professional crew rather than attempt to cut down a massive tree yourself. He said he’s also currently looking for employees to train or who have experience.

“It’s not suitable for everyone to do their own tree work. It can be very dangerous,” he said.

He said most tree removal businesses provide customers with a free assessment before any work is done.