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Why this Short Pump family sold their home to move into an RV

Posted at 9:10 PM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 21:11:27-04

SHORT PUMP, Va. -- A family is downsizing from a 3,000 square foot home in Short Pump to just 300 square feet.

Jennifer and JR Omohundro, their kids Kelsey and Lane, and their two English Bulldogs are ready to call their Class A RV home.

Last summer the family was living in a subdivision where Jen was homeschooling the kids. One day she came home from a walk with a radical idea after listening to a podcast.

"I heard a woman on there, who was a guest talking about traveling full time for I think six years with her family," Jen said. "Four children in an RV and I thought wow what an incredible perspective that she's been able to give her kids."

Jen shared the idea with her husband JR, "I said hey I'm not suggesting we do this, but how cool is this!"

A week later they had an offer on their house and were starting to downsize in order to get ready for life in a 300 square foot RV.

The house sold so quickly they didn't have the RV yet, so they moved into a short-term lease apartment.

Once they got their coach, the family spent time renovating their tiny space so it reflects them. "It was important to me that we just give it a little bit of a facelift," Jen says, "we didn't put too much into it."

The Omohundros had never RVed before, but are quick studies. They've followed and connected with other full-time RVers on Instagram to learn many tricks of the trade.

"It has been a challenge it's still as a challenge," says JR, "Every day, is a new hurdle when you're on the road and we've discovered that we've had some big issues come up that we've conquered and overcome."

Along with customizing their ride, they planned out their route. The first trip will be to the Northeast. They'll spend Summer there then head back south for the Fall. The kids aren't the only ones excited about traveling. JR says, "I can't wait to go to Niagara falls I've never been up that way!"

Jen says this is a perfect way to show the kids what they're learning and introduce them to people from all walks of life. She plans some of their curricula to go along with their travels. "So, for us, this is very, very important what we're doing with our children and not saying it's better than any other option that's out there, but for us it feels right," she says.

The kids are excited to travel too. They are finding ways to keep up with their friends and make this tiny home uniquely theirs. "I love it personally," says Kelsey, "I mean it's great because Lane and I both have separate little bunks and it's like we each have our own rooms and I couldn't lose that since I'm getting older."

Jen and JR say they're fortunate that they're both able to run their businesses remotely.

The family is documenting all the ups and downs of their journey. You can follow The Omohundros on their Instagram page called Oh Let's RV here.