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Richmond and other state capitols prepare for possible Inauguration Day violence

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Posted at 12:28 AM, Jan 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-13 00:28:28-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- The FBI has issued a nationwide alert for Capitol buildings across the country to shore up their security measures. Crime Insider sources say in Richmond Police tactical teams are preparing for the worst.

In Washington D.C., the nation's capital is essentially on lock down, as transition teams with loads of reinforcements, prepare for the inauguration of 46th President-elect Joe Biden.

"The intelligence right now and social media suggesting that there's a group of individuals that are planning to make a serious attempt to disrupt the inauguration as well as attempt attacks on state capitol buildings around the country,” said retired Chief Frank Straub, director at the National Police Foundation.

Straub says avoiding a repeat of January 6 on Capitol Hill is the mission, where pro-Trump supporters breached security then and stormed inside the Capitol building.

"Certainly the Richmond, Virginia area has very robust intelligence capacity and then use mutual aid to ensure police departments are properly staffed,” said Straub. “And there's a ready reserve to deal with violence and riots."

Even more important than personnel, Straub says city leadership being on the same page will be crucial in the days ahead.

"We've seen throughout the country elected officials micro-managing policing decisions amidst crisis,” said Straub. “We've seen them changing policy, procedures and tactics on the fly and removing tools from the departments. That simply can't happen."

Hundreds of state troopers, thousands of national guardsmen are on stand-by with some already deployed.