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Prince George couple 'heartbroken' after storm leaves 11 inches of water in yard, home

Posted at 9:16 PM, Aug 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-10 21:16:54-04

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- A Prince George County woman and her husband say that they are heartbroken and beaten down after Tropical Storm Isaias left 11 inches of water in their yard and home.

Four pumps are running to pump water away from Jean and Garland Jacob's home, but are barely making a difference.

"Thursday Morning, we got up and there was a little at the back of the property. Friday morning when we got up, water met me at the door, at the garage door and into the basement," Jean said.

The couple said they are heartbroken, frustrated, and stressed about the damage the water has caused to their property and possessions.

"What it means to me right now is 80 years of my life, I can see it washing away. Everything we've worked hard for is going to be destroyed," Jean said.

More than a dozen calls to various county and state agencies have left the couple flustered and without help.

"You know, you can't get no answers," Garland said.

"The frustration level has gotten me to the brink where my nerves are shot," Jean said.

A call by CBS 6 to Prince George County resulted in an administrator coming out to the property to survey the damage, and volunteers with The American Legion helped the couple place sandbags around their home to prevent off excess water from entering.

VDOT also released a statement, saying that they have been working on the problem since last week and that a pipe that runs under I-295 is blocked because of a beaver dam.