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Crime Insider: Missing women cases not connected

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 07:58:04-05

CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- Two young black women are missing, and both were last seen in Chesterfield County.

While investigators don't believe the cases are connected, there are some similarities.

"Tajah, please! You know your mother, reach out some way, somehow,” said her mother, who asked us to hide her identity. “You're a fighter. I know you are. You'll definitely make it home in one piece."

It's been eight long days since her daughter, Tajah Dye, 23, mysteriously disappeared.

Tajah 03.jpg
Tajah Dye

She was last seen on surveillance video at Yamato's Japanese Steakhouse on Hull Street Road in Chesterfield with a man who her mom can't identify.

"I don't know him," her mom said.

"Once you talk to family, you go to friends, and after that, if that person has been with somebody like in this case seen on video with a gentleman, well, I'm gonna’ want to talk to him too,” retired Chesterfield Police Capt. Steve Neal said.

Neal said investigators are likely following all aspects of the Dye and Jasmine Moore cases very closely.

Moore, 24, was last seen by her friends at her home on the 20100 block of Rowanty Court late Saturday night on October 3, according to police. Her parents described their daughter as happy, bubbly, and kind.

“For her to be gone this long something isn’t right," her mom Lucinda Jordan said two weeks after Moore was last seen. "For no contact with none of her friends, me or him, or sisters or brothers. Something isn’t right and I just want my child back, safe, unharmed.”

Moore's car was found in Prince George County days after her disappearance. Dye's Mazda still hasn't turned up.

"If you have two women of the same demographic profile and both go missing from the same area, neither one heard from or contacted loved ones, I'd certainly take a look to see if there's a connection," said Neal.

Both families are growing more and more concerned that their loved ones haven't been found.

"It's possible that someone has been gone can be found alive, but every day there's no contact, causes me great concern that there's been some kind of foul play or been harm to that person," said Neal.