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Nearly 2 years after plasma center stabbing, victim left grappling with wounds

Nearly 2 years after plasma center stabbing, victim left grappling with wounds
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 17:45:54-04

PETERSBURG, Va. -- Almost two years ago, a stabbing at a Petersburg plasma center horrified community members. Three people were stabbed inside the facility on July 4, 2019, including one man who says his life was changed forever.

"July the Fourth was one of the worst days of my life," Tony Drew, one of the stabbing victims, recalled. "I have nightmares."

It’s a day Tony Drew can’t forget, and his emotional and physical pain serves as a constant reminder.

“Across here, cut off my thumb, across here, across my wrist, down my face and on my neck," Drew said, explaining his injuries.

On that day, Tony Drew was signing in at a kiosk inside Octapharma Plasma in Petersburg.

“I get paid for donating plasma," Drew said.

On that fateful day, a man jumped the counter and attacked a female employee.

“I heard her screaming," Drew said.

Tony intervened, stopping the attack on the woman only to be attacked by a man with a machete.

The damage was quick and life-changing. These days, he says that he only about 20 percent use of his hand.

“Got screws in these three fingers, screws in my thumb, they put the screws in my fingers cause, because my fingers were going up like this," Drew said.

Almost two years later, he's still dealing with the fallout of the incident.

“As far as I know, Octapharma is taking care of the medical situation with the bills and stuff. I haven’t received a bill," Drew said.

Since the stabbing, Drew has found it difficult to get a job.

“Job-wise, nothing. Nobody will take me, as far as stores and stuff like that, they say I’m a liability," Drew said.

Tony is a convicted felon but believes that his wounded left hand is holding him back from opportunities instead of his prison record.

“I’ve been released from parole, probation, I’ve stayed out of trouble, I got my rights back," Drew said.

What he says he can’t get is work

“I’m not asking for a handout, never did, never have, never will, I just want an opportunity," Drew said.

Tony says he understands why some businesses can't hire him due to the limited use of his hand but says he is positive there's a job out there that he can handle.

CBS 6 reached out to Octapharma Plasma for a comment but has not heard back.