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New Kent car thieves steal from deputy’s cruiser

Posted at 11:08 PM, Jun 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-25 23:45:48-04

NEW KENT, Va. -- Thieves targeted a New Kent neighborhood Wednesday night stealing from multiple vehicles including a deputy's cruiser.

The sheriff confirmed that the thieves got away with law enforcement equipment.

Early Thursday morning several cars and SUV’s were broken into in the Deer Lake community off Tunstall Road. Some of the vehicles were locked, but some were not.

"I mean, everyone is super chill around here," said Joseph Hadad, who lives nearby.

Someone used a crowbar to break in, and swipe a long rifle, bulletproof vest, helmet, and other tactical gear from that deputy’s cruiser.

"Why? I don't understand it," said Hadad. “I mean, they used a crowbar to get into the squad car. Why do you need that stuff and it's only provoking more violence."

A car parked outside Hadad's home was also hit.

"My brother in law, unfortunately, they took stuff out of his car and threw it everywhere,” he said. “I mean, debit cards and everything all over the place."

CI sources say the break-ins stretched across several neighborhoods.

Sheriff's investigators say they have several pieces of video of the crimes.

"I just had a son and I’m worried more than I thought I would be,” said Hadad. “We are definitely on high alert now."

Deputies are searching for clues that can lead them to the crooks. If you can help them, give them a call.