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Mom inspires others on Mother's Day: 'She's really bold'

Posted at 9:40 PM, May 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-10 21:40:44-04

RICHMOND,Va.-- For Mother's Day, Whitney Parker spent the day with her two girls.

"They know that I am like an open book. We have conversations that are our secret conversations," Parker explained. "I don't want her (Kendall) or my other daughter to feel like they can't speak or don't have a voice."

Parker, the creative director at Dream For Purpose, was recently was featured in a Refinery 29 article where she shared self-care tips and her experience with the women in her life she calls mom.

"I really pride myself on being transparent and honest so that I can help others," Parker said. "I thought this was just a great opportunity to really speak my truth. And then even my mother-in-law recently lost her mother -- and I just thought this would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate her."

In the article, Parker shares how she and her mom have had some differences in the past when she first became a mother. She explains how she knew that she needed to step out on her own to save their relationship and help herself.

"I am who I am partly because of my mother," Parker said. "And I will never take that away, so every day we’re pushing forward for us to be stronger and closer than we were before."

That is something Parker said she is working on with her own daughters.

"I want my girls to ask questions. I want her to come to me first," Parker said. "I don’t want her to try and explore things on her own and go down the wrong path that could have been avoided."

Nine-year-old Kendall Parker calld her mom a superhero.

"She like sticks up for herself, same as my grandmother and she’s really bold<" Kendall said. "She’s really encouraging me for like all of the things that I am doing and that I have done. And she helps me do the impossible things and makes them possible."

Parker said being a mom in general and during the pandemic has its challenges. But she is grateful to not be going through the pandemic alone.

"Have a moment and like really take, in you’re a mom. You’re raising humans," Parker said. "That is no easy task... It's just pretty amazing to be blessed with two moms, two women who are pouring into me and pouring into my daughters as well."