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How Chesterfield is honoring the contributions of African Americans

Posted at 11:56 PM, Feb 03, 2021

RICHMOND, Va. -- It’s a long-standing tradition honoring the contributions of African Americans, for the 32nd year Chesterfield county will showcase events and programs for Black History Month, what is different this year is how the county will carry them out during the pandemic.

“We’re excited that even though we’re having a virtual format we’re still able to provide a month-long full of exciting programming for our community,” Kimberly Conley, co-chair of the Chesterfield County Black History Month Committee, said.

The county partners with Virginia State University for a number of virtual programs designed and centered around a specific theme.

“The Black Family Representation, Identity and Diversity so we’re excited about the numerous activities and programs that we have developed and created for our community.”

The month-long celebration kicks off on Saturday, Feb. 6 with a program hosted by comedian Antoine Scott, music by DJ Foot, and later in the month performance by Plunky and Oneness.

And that’s not all, other programs include book discussions, lectures, and activities, and the county’s invitation-only scholarship business breakfast will now be opened to everyone.

“Another program they were offering fits in with the theme for Black History Month is called black families and the great migration that took place county public library is excited to showcase speakers and events they couldn’t present before the pandemic,” Community Services Chesterfield County Public Library Community Services Manager Jennifer Shepley said. “We are able to do a program that is offering a tour of the civil rights museum in Mississippi that would be a virtual tour and it’s not something we normally think to offer.”

"I applaud and the library, as well as our historical society and Parks and Recreation for the number of programs they have created a plan for this year Black History Month celebration and we, couldn’t have done it without their support and partnership of our community and sponsors,” Conleysaid.

And if you miss any of the programs, you’ll be able to catch it online later for free.

For a complete list of Black History Month visit