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Dinwiddie parent on students' return to in-person learning: 'They are prepared'

'The technology is just not the same as him being in the school setting'
Posted at 7:09 PM, Sep 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-27 19:44:09-04

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. -- Parents are gearing up for the first day of in-person learning as nearly a thousand for their pre-K through fifth-graders are set to return to school Monday.

Dinwiddie County Public Schools recently decided to start phasing students in by groups, after starting the school year virtually, due to the pandemic.

"I know it's not the school's fault to hold their attention, but the technology is just not the same as him being in the school setting," Courtney Turner, a mother of two students at Southside Elementary, said. "So it was a little bit of a struggle, but one kid did fine and the other one was a little bit more of a challenge."

Turner said her daughter, who is a fifth-grader, and her son, who is a second-grader, have received help from the school whenever they ran into challenges with virtual learning.

Turner said both children are excited to return to get back in the classroom.

And because of the school board submitted their health mitigation plan before considering opening their doors, Turner feels confident in their plan.

"The state department has blessed it, as well as the Crater Health Department, then I am fully OK with that, she said. "I feel confident that the steps are in place."

School officials said masks are required, signs have been put down for distance reminders, barriers will be put up on desks and tables and that lunches will be eaten in classrooms.

For parents who are not ready to send their kids back to school, virtual learning is still an option.

Turner knows her kids are ready as they have been practicing safety from the beginning.

"I just feel like as far as we've come with this virus in general, they are prepared," Turner said. "We utilize the practices they'll need at school every day at home anyway."

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