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Dessert truck brings Midwest style custard to Richmond: 'it's all slow churned to give it that super smooth texture'

Posted at 8:33 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-27 15:23:49-04

RICHMOND, Va- One of the only places in Richmond you’ll find slow churned Midwest style frozen custard, Jiji’s dessert truck hopes to make all of your sundae dreams come true.

Made fresh everyday, their vanilla custard serves as a sweet, smooth and decadent base to their many freshly baked toppings and drizzles.

Started by Kendall and Chase Appich in 2019, the husband and wife duo wanted to bring one of their favorite but hard to find desserts to the Richmond community.

“What makes our product unique is it has egg yolks, that gives it its rich smoothness. And then our machine slowly churns it with minimal air to create that super smooth texture,” said owner Kendall Appich.

Topped with Reese’s sauce, fresh baked brownies, cheesecake bites and even girl scout cookies, Kendall Appich said they try to support other local small businesses when searching for sundae toppings.

“We partner with a lot of local bakeries to have different baked goods so like this week, for example, we partner Wonder City Bakery for their local cheesecake bites, she actually created those specifically for us,” she said.

As one of the few custard trucks in America, Jiji’s menu is constantly changing.

‘Puddin on the Ritz’ topped with vanilla pudding and house made nilla wafers or ‘Cake it Easy’ topped with cheesecake bites, a mixed berry sauce and crushed golden oreos are just two of the fan favorites.

Kendall says the meaning of Jiji’s also represents the mission of their business.

“I used to do yoga a lot and during that we often said the word Jijivisha, loosely translating to people who want to, you know, enjoy life to the fullest and appreciate the small moments,” Kendall said. “I just thought that was really fitting for our frozen treats because you can't be in a bad mood when you're having it.”

Find more about ordering this delicious frozen dessert by the pint size and where they'll be at next on their website or Instagram.

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