What is it like to be a delegate during a virtual convention?

Delegates aren't getting VIP access this year
Posted at 4:44 PM, Aug 18, 2020

Delegates at conventions typically describe convention week as one of the most memorable times of their lives.

After all, it's the only opportunity in which a seemingly average American can be invited to fancy parties with governors and senators.

This year, during a virtual convention, there are no parties or meetups, which made us wonder what it has been like for delegates so far.


Shaun Sindleman spent months running to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, representing the state of Colorado. He was looking forward to being on the convention floor and, as a Bernie Sanders supporter, being persuaded to vote for Joe Biden.

"I was just like let down. This is my first time running as a delegate. It’s probably my last time running as a delegate," Sindleman said.

Sindelman says the virtual convention has been informative but not as exciting.

"All of these meetings are more or less glorified webinars," Sindelman said.

"That's the overarching theme for Day 1 is the lack of energy and camaraderie," Sindelman added.


During a press call with reporters this week, advisers to Biden emphasized this year is different, but stressed it had to be due to the pandemic.

Michelle Obama's speech from Monday night is evidence, by some, that a virtual convention can still inspire.

Jeeva Senthilnathan is an 18-year-old delegate and one of the youngest delegates at this year's convention.

"I am really excited about this convention," Senthilnathan said.

"Michelle Obama hit a lot of different points that I didn’t really think about," Senthilnathan said.


Ultimately, the success of this convention will not be based off of what delegates think but what the American people think. Unfortunately for Democrats, television ratings are down because of the virtual event.