Teacher reads to students from hospital day after undergoing brain surgery

Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 21, 2021

A dedicated teacher in Pennsylvania read a bedtime story to her students on Facebook Live just a day after undergoing brain surgery.

WTAE reports that K.D. Meucci, a fourth-grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, learned this month that she had a brain tumor.

Last week, Meucci had surgery to remove the mass, which she said is “probably benign,” and she’s now recovering, according to the Pittsburgh TV news station.

The day after her surgery, Meucci returned to what she loves: reading to her students. From her hospital bed, the teacher read a book to kids on her closed Facebook group, Franklin Bedtime Stories.

“Sorry if I look a little weird, I know I look a little weird. I got this black eye right here because again they cut open my head right here to take out my brain tumor,” she explained.

She also took the opportunity to reassure her students that she would be back at school as soon as possible.

“Most importantly I wanted to see you, to see that I'm OK. I look a little funky, but I wanted you to see and know that I'm OK,” she said.

Meucci said doctors think they were able to get the entire tumor and that she is continuing to recover, WTAE reports.