Henrico man arrested with 3 kilos of cocaine, $20,000 and an infant in his car

A man is behind bars after police found 3 kilos of cocaine. $20,000, and an infant in a car.
Posted at 11:52 PM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 23:52:00-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- A man is behind bars after police found 3 kilos of cocaine. $20,000, and an infant in a car.

James Domineike Langley is behind bars at Henrico Jail West after an incident that started with a driving infraction.

Near a busy East End intersection late Wednesday night, a Henrico officer noticed a car without its headlights on.

"The way it almost always happens in traffic stops is it is something stupid like no headlights or running a red light or speeding, which leads to, they smell marijuana in the car or something isn't right, so they end up searching the car," said CBS-6 legal expert Todd Stone.

Crime Insider sourcessay that following a short foot pursuit, Langley was arrested.

Court records indicate that police found drugs and an infant in his car.

Multiple CI sources confirm that nearly three kilos of cocaine were found in his car with a street value of about $90,000.

"The state and the feds will communicate with one another to decide where to take the case. Having a four month old in the car plus the quantity they said they found is the recipe to make an aggravated sentencing if he is found guilty."

CI sources also tell me Langley had about $20,000 in cash, and Stone says that cash, most likely, will roll into asset forfeiture.

“$20,000 in cash without showing the source, if that's what they recovered, that's consistent with an intent to distribute,” Stone said. “Combine that with prior cases and quantity, it makes for a tough defense."

Among the five charges Langely faces are possession with intent to distribute, child endangerment, and assaulting an officer.

He’ll be in court on June 9th.