Looking to get in shape in 2021, but don't know how? Start simple, local trainer says

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jan 04, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - So, you want to get in shape in the new year. Where do you start?

There are so many methods and opinions on the best way to lose weight that it can be discouraging, even harmful, for someone who's trying to get fit.

May Savvin, General Manager for Fitness Norfolk, says it doesn't have to be.

"Create yourself a 21-day plan where you can really go back to basics," she said.

Savvin says you can't go wrong with adjusting some eating habits. That doesn't mean changing your entire diet right away, but taking simple steps.

"Drink more water, eat more whole foods. You can't go wrong with incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your system," she said. "If you're craving tacos, [look up], 'hey, how can I create some great tacos that are holistic, they're great for me, I can make in my home and I'm not eating out as often?'"

When it comes to getting more exercise in, Savvin says it's okay to start small.

"Just go for walks. Walks are definitely good and some flexibility. Maybe try a yoga class online, maybe some stretching but just get yourself moving and going. Eventually you'll start feeling good and upgrading your workout routine," she told News 3.

But the key goes back to that 21-day plan. Sticking with these little changes to your habits for three weeks can go a long way, she says, in setting yourself up to meet those long-term goals.

"For my clients, it has worked because 21 days is not entirely a month," she said. "It helps you reset everything. It takes time for your body to get used to eating better and making better choices."

But above all else, Savvin says don't beat yourself up. Life is all about balance and if you eat unhealthy here and there, or choose not to exercise, it's not a big deal.

Take it day by day and it'll help you find success in 2021.