Season 2 of ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show' begins Monday at 3 p.m. on CBS 6!

‘The Jennifer Hudson Show' airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on CBS 6
“The Jennifer Hudson Show”
Posted at 6:00 PM, Oct 20, 2022
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Don't miss an all-star lineup of guests when season two of "The Jennifer Hudson Show," which airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on CBS 6, begins Monday.

Monday, Sept. 18

Jennifer welcomes superfan couple Traci Caudle and Pat Jean-Baptiste, from Los Angeles, CA who were married this past summer. The pair matched on Hinge in February 2022, they had an immediate connection and were engaged by Christmas. Traci and Pat receive a special surprise from Jennifer on their wedding day that they’ll never forget.

Jennifer also welcomes Tiare Lawrence from Lahaina, HI who recently gained national attention for her philanthropic work after the devastating Maui Fires. She is a well-known community organizer who was born and raised in Lahaina, which was completely wiped out by the wildfires. Tiare's fundraising efforts have raised almost $5M.

Tuesday, Sept. 19

Jennifer welcomes paramedic Kristi Hadfield from Belpre, OH, and Molly Jones from Pennsboro, WV. In 2016, Kristi saved John Cunningham’s life while he was having a heart attack. After the incident, the pair stayed in touch through social media. Six years later, John’s daughter, Molly, went into kidney failure and posted online that she needed a kidney.  Kristi immediately replied and selflessly donated her kidney to Molly.

Jennifer also welcomes “American Ninja Warrior” winner Vance Walker, who was born with cerebral palsy and recently became the third contestant to win the series.

Wednesday, Sept. 20

CARRIE ANN INABA (“Dancing With the Stars”)

Jennifer welcomes viral motivational speaker and pre-k teacher Alethea Crimmins from Lafayette, LA. After being bullied for years, she wanted to, “turn [her] pain into purpose.” She posts videos online to be a source of motivation for those who struggle to find it in themselves.

Jennifer surprises viral musical group BIKO’S MANNA, including NOBIKO, MANNA, and MFUNDO, who will perform.

Thursday, Sept. 21


Jennifer welcomes bus driver Imunek Williams from Milwaukee, WI, who is being hailed a hero for safely evacuating all 37 children from her bus moments before it burst into flames. At the time, Imunek was 7 months pregnant with her second child and has since given birth to Karsen. She is also mom to 1-year-old Karter and engaged to Shamar, who recently became paraplegic and joins Imunek to chat with Jennifer.

Friday, Sept. 22

Country superstar KANE BROWN (upcoming tour)

Jennifer welcomes viral dancer 6-year-old Salomé Rivas from Miami, FL, who is known for her dancing videos to Latin music, especially reggaeton. Several of the biggest Latin music stars have reposted her, including Karol G. Originally from Venezuela, Salomé moved to Miami when she was two years old. She will chat with Jennifer and perfo

“The Jennifer Hudson Show”
“The Jennifer Hudson Show”
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