Jamie Lee Curtis wins best supporting actress at Oscars

95th Academy Awards - Show
Posted at 9:51 PM, Mar 12, 2023

LOS ANGELES — Before best supporting actress winner Jamie Lee Curtis entered the press room to take questions, she grabbed the mic from the moderator to announce her presence.

“Everyone,” she said in a deep mock announcer’s voice, “the apparent Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis is entering the room.”

When reporters held up the numbers they use to show they have a question for the winner, it looked an awful lot like an auction.

“What are they bidding on?” Curtis asked.

She was asked if she thought the Oscar acting categories should no longer be divided between men and women, she said she thought it wasn’t a bad idea, but she had mixed feelings.

“As the mother of a trans daughter, I understand that,” she said. “But if we de-gender the category, I’m concerned it will mean less opportunities for women.”

“My mother and father were both nominated for Oscars in different categories — I just won an Oscar!”

Next she was asked whether she thought her famous parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, were looking down on her.

“I’ll be honest. I don’t believe in a world where there are a bunch of people looking down on us,” she said. "But I believe we ARE them… and I know that they would be incredibly proud of me.”

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is nominated for 11 awards.