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Why Mrs. Yoder's isn't making donuts until further notice

Posted at 10:13 AM, Mar 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-28 10:15:51-04

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. -- Days after shocking fans when it announced it would "not be making donuts until further notice," Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen shared additional information to shed light on the situation.

Just to catch you up, Mrs. Yoder's is a Dinwiddie-based business that specializes in sourdough glazed doughnuts.

The treats, which have found a devoted fan base at various farmer's markets around Virginia, were named the state's top doughnut in 2021 by Food and Wine.

Mrs. Yoders.jpg
Donuts from Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen

After nearly 2,000 people reacted, mostly with sad or shocked faces, to Mrs. Yoder's initial post, the business owners followed up to explain what was happening to the beloved donut.

"In 2011 the Yoder family moved into the Dinwiddie County area to start a new outreach of our parent church in Madison County, Virginia. The donut business began as a way of providing an income for themselves and also to provide work for the youth of our church, as well as to help sponsor other mission projects supported by our church," the post read. "In 2016, Mr. Yoder's dad was diagnosed with cancer and they decided to move to Pennsylvania to help take care of his parents."

New owners Lucas Miller and Samuel Amaya took over in 2017 after returning to Virginia following a church mission in Nicaragua, according to the post.

The family is being called back to do more church work in Nicaragua, so they worked out a deal to sell the business to another family.

"So, in October of 2021 we started the process of selling the business. We had a family that was interested in acquiring the business and continuing the tradition," the post continued. "It has been a lengthy process to try and get this switched over and now due to some conflict in their family they have returned the business back to us. So now we are in the process of deciding what our next step should be."

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen has asked for patience while working out its next steps.

You can follow the business on Facebook for updates.

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