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How do you like them apples? Richmond couple shares their Buskey Cider story.

Posted at 11:28 AM, Dec 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-07 11:28:36-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Elle Correll's life sounds a bit like a country song. Born and raised in Franklin, Virginia, she moved away from the small town when the paper mill closed down. Her friend Will also had to move. But apples would bring the friends back together.

"I was living in DC. It was a lot of fun, but its time had played out. He was living in Richmond opening the cidery," Elle Correll said. "So when I met him, the cidery was under construction here in Scott's Addition. I was like, okay, you're really good at like the founder, CEO thing. But you could use some help on the PR, marketing, and the telling people about it side. Enter Elle."

The friends were dating when they launched Buskey Cider in 2016. They got married about a year later.

Buskey Cider 04.jpg

"It is super fun and it is also very stressful. We work all the time," she said about working with her husband. "But it is fun because you get to learn about your partner so much more than you would if you just saw them in the evenings because you see how they are at work and their strengths and their weaknesses and how they play out in different locations."

One of their strengths appears to be making delicious cider from Virginia apples!

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"We're a quality craft cider that we're able to put in cans," Correll said. "You can have fun with it and drink it and not just put it in a bottle every time. Bottles are fun, but not every time and just leave it on the shelf for a special occasion. You should drink it tonight. Ideally now."

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