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'Magic' model railroading event at Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum

Trains, trucks and tractors event at Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum
Posted at 11:03 AM, Jul 23, 2022

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- If you’re looking for a unique way to beat the extreme heat this weekend, the Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum in Colonial Heights is hosting a massive model railroading event.

Trains, Trucks & Tractors: Titans of Transportation will showcase the best in model railroading in the Commonwealth.

The event, which is sponsored by the RF&P Model Railroaders Club, will feature about a dozen trains all running at one time. Organizers said it will be one of the largest model railroad layouts in Virginia.

Moth the museum and model trains show are designed for all ages.

“This is for everyone. I would say that kids, because of their height have the perfect view of these model railroads," JM Gadoury with the RF&P Model Railroaders said. "It’s designed to be seen at track level. But truthfully, artisans — people who understand when you take art and form, mash them together and animate it together with a train — it’s magic.”

Admission to the model train event is covered with the price of admission to the museum.

The Trains, Trucks & Tractors exhibit runs from 9 a.m. - 5p.m. on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24 and then again on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31.

Keystone Antique Truck & Tractor Museum is located just off Interstate 95 in Colonial Heights.