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This powerful Mother's Day display at a Richmond park will make you think

Brown: 'I just feel like this small gesture of thoughtfulness can make them feel better'
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Posted at 7:48 PM, May 13, 2023

RICHMOND, Va. – A Richmond group created a striking display in a Jackson Ward park Saturday as a solemn remembrance ahead of Mother’s Day.

Volunteers with Just C, a group that works to give young people “a tool box to be productive adults through resources,” according to its website, placed hundreds of white flags in Abner Clay Park to represent lives lost.

"They're always in your hearts," a sign at the park reads. "Just C salutes you mom on this day."

The display is in tribute to mothers whose children were shot, which are represented by the white flags.

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How group is helping families who experienced tragedy: ‘No judgement’

Shelby Brown
6:12 PM, Sep 08, 2022

The group works with area families who are grieving the loss of a loved one to gun violence.

“The number one things moms express is that they feel like their kids are forgotten about,” Chenice Brown, the founder of Just C, said. “I just feel like this small gesture of thoughtfulness can make them feel better.”

The Just C organization launched a gun violence hotline in September to offer victim's family members a “listening ear.” That number is 804-505-5545.

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