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Oink-a-Thon: The awesome reason why this Richmond man oinked for 7 hours straight

Posted at 11:23 PM, Apr 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-03 07:41:12-04

RICHMOND, Va. – A Richmond man oinked like a pig for seven hours straight on Sunday to support swines in need.

After some intensive training, self-proclaimed pig impersonator Kirk Schroder dressed as his alter-ego, Willemina Cabbageworth, for the first-ever Spring Oink-a-Thon.

Willemina serenaded visitors outside the Aquarian Bookshop on West Main Street with the sweet swine calls set to house music to raise money for Gracie's Acres.

The Tennessee pig sanctuary is tasked with rescuing and providing a home for hundreds of neglected pigs.

“Pigs are some of the smartest creatures around, but they get neglected a lot. It’s not really a good thing to neglect animals – especially pigs and neglect the, and abuse them,” Cabbageworth said. “So I’m here to make a stand today with my Oink-a-Thon today.”

The event exceeded its fundraising goal of $2,500 and raised nearly $2,700 for pigs in need.

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