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The Latin Ballet returns to Richmond with familiar faces

The Latin Ballet returns to Richmond with familiar faces
Posted at 9:27 PM, Jan 05, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- The Legend of the Poinsettia was created in 2001 to entertain and promote holiday traditions of Latin America and Spain.

2021 canceled the company’s twentieth anniversary, but the celebration continues this January with messages of love and the spirit of giving that is the story of the legend of the poinsettia.

“Little Maria didn’t have anything to give she picked up a full hand of weeds but because she gave it with her heart and with all her love the weeds turned into beautiful flowers,” says Ana Ines King, Artistic Director and founder of the Latin Ballet of Virginia. "It’s nice to know that the poinsettias are called poinsettia flowers here because Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett was the Ambassador of the United States to Mexico brought the plan here but it’s called La Fleur de Navida, the Christmas plant."

For this year’s production, dancers from the past will join current ones on stage, including a 103-year-old VCU Dance Instructor.

"Frances Wessells has been for 20 years, our grandma she’s in all the shows because you know, Latin America is all about the family and the grandma is the most important person in the family," King said.

After this production, the ballet will take off for Spain.

You can see the Legend of the Poinsettia on January 7 through January 9 at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen off Mountain Road. Masks are required for the performance.

For tickets and more information, click here.