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'Lion King' returns to Richmond's Altria Theater

'Lion King' returns to Richmond's Altria Theater
Posted at 9:35 PM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 21:35:37-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- The world-famous musical Lion King is back at Richmond's Altria Theater and is drawing crowds from far and wide.

Recognized around the world, a new experience for some.

"I’m really excited, I haven’t been to a theaterl before, so I’m really looking forward to seeing all the actors and actresses on stage," Jeffrey Wilson said.

"It’s like life, there’s like, its real people performing in it, which is a lot cooler characters like animation," another musical goer said.

Winner of 6 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and seen by more than a million people worldwide, Broadway in Richmond’s Disney’s The Lion King offers the best seat in the house.

"Saves you the airfare, the gas expense, and tickets are a little bit higher in New York so you can go to Broadway-quality Broadway shows right here at the Altria Theater in Richmond," Cindy Creasy, with Broadway in Richmond, said.

An all-time favorite, The Lion King appeals to a diverse audience.

"We bought tickets back in July of last year so almost like a year."

"It encompasses everybody ages of from, you know, the youngest to the oldest patron we have you'll see them loving The Lion King," Creasy said.

What a love affair it’s been. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Broadway musical and the 20th of the national tour.

"I think most any actor loves just any kind of wonderful reception that they see or hear from an audience and I think at this point they're expected to hear some people start singing along," Creasy said.

You too can experience the magic that is Disney’s The Lion King. Early arrival to the show is important.

"You want to be in your seats probably 10 minutes before that curtain goes up because, well, I won't spoil it. Fifteen performances and your chance to join the circle of life. We anticipate with these 15 performances, and we have a big beautiful theater here I would feel safe in saying we'll see well over 40,000 people attending The Lion King," Creasy said.

The Lion King at the Altria Theater through March 20.