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How you can help woman's mission to make sure cancer patients 'know someone cares'

'To know someone cares in this crazy world makes a big difference'
Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 23, 2020

RICHMOND, Va. -- You can help one woman on a mission to honor and bring smiles to cancer patients this October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Suzie Adams said that while looking for a way to give back to cancer patients she found caps for kids, but none for adults.

So last year she and her daughter came up with Caps for Cancer. They collected over 300 caps for area cancer facilities.

But with the pandemic, she had to switch course.

"Some of the hospitals weren’t accepting hats and scarves. The majority were all new anyway or handmade, so we had to switch it to greeting cards," she said.

Cards for a Cause is an emotional subject for Adams, who has had to deal with losing several clients and a family member to cancer.

"I lost a relative earlier this year and to see her go from... I mean she was a bigger woman to nothing right before she died," Adams remembered. "And I mean I know you all have the news lady (Stephanie Rochon) that you were connected with. I think right now... They might not have someone in there with them. And to know someone cares in this crazy world makes a big difference."

Adams said she is passionate about the hats and scarves and hopes to return to that concept next year.

"But I think knowing someone that you don’t know to kind of go, 'Hey, we are hoping you pull through.' Or, you know, 'I just want you to smile today' or something a little would help."

Card collection continues through the end of October. Click here for drop off sites and to enter into the pink purse raffle.

Folks are asked to write words of encouragement and "anything to make someone smile that’s going through a hard time," Adams said.