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4-H programs teach students life lessons: 'We bring the knowledge'

Posted at 9:10 PM, Apr 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-14 21:10:08-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- 4-H, the outreach program of Virginia State University and Virginia Tech that "brings the knowledge from the colleges to the community," is now enrolling students in grades K through 12 for the summer.

"Oh my goodness, I love 4-H as much as the kids or more," Hermon "Blues" Maclin said. "One of my biggest dreads right now I’m getting close to retirement, I don’t want to retire."

Maclin began his tenure with 4-H in 1977 after graduating from Virginia State University.

"Then I went on the road with Trussel and started playing music," he recalled. "I left extension for a while came back in 2001, so right now I've been there for almost 20 years."

Maclin said the kids describe the 4-H program, which are staffed by volunteers, as "the best thing ever."

"The year-round projects are endless," Maclin explained. "From expressive art to public speaking. Even things like sewing, babysitting certification, building drones that fly. And all kinds of STEM activities: we hatch baby chicks in the classroom..."

Registration is now open for 4-H summer camps across the state.

"So it should be one in every locality, everywhere that you are in Virginia, there’s a camp near you that you can attend," Maclin said.

Officials said strict CDC guidelines will be followed be cause of the pandemic.

Click here for more information from the Virginia Cooperative Extension about 4-H.