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Hard worker surprised with Christmas blessing: 'I've got to do a great job'

'I've got to do a great job to keep me coming back'
Posted at 9:29 AM, Dec 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-27 09:29:56-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- In an effort to make Christmas brighter for those in the community, CBS 6 and Virginia Credit Union have teamed up to present the Month of Giving.

Every day, a member of the CBS 6 family will be out in the community surprising someone with a holiday gift.

Anchor Rob Desir recently spread some holiday cheer to a man who works near the WTVR-TV studios along Broad Street in Richmond's famed Museum District.

"We're at Kevin's Kars are we're about to bless the guy who washes the cars not only for the dealership, but also some cars at CBS 6," Rob said. "He's working hard right now. His name is Derek and we are about to bless him."

Derek said he has been working at the dealership for about five years.

"I was out there one time and I hadn't had no job. So I was holding a sign and say I need a little help today," Derek remembered. "And [Kevin] offered me a job. I came up here that day and I've been here ever since."

Derek said he has learned that if you "do a good job, you keep work."

"If I do a bad job, I can't do no good job. I've got to do a great job to keep me coming back," he said.

"I just thought that what would be dope is to just give you a little something for the Christmas holiday. So what we got for you was this little gift card and we just want you to go ahead and spend that however you want for the holidays," Rob said. "Because I just feel like you deserve it. It's a little something for yourself or for somebody you love."

Brightening the community's Christmas season is part of CBS 6's Month of Giving mission. Watch for the CBS 6 Month of Giving each day this December on CBS 6 News and