Giving back to the 'Mama' of a Richmond neighborhood

Posted at 7:12 PM, Oct 19, 2020

RICHMOND, Va. -- A man who lives in South Richmond reached out to CBS 6 about recognizing a woman who he says is known as Mama to the neighborhood.

Randy tells CBS 6 that Mama Lindsay is always helping her neighbors and always looks out for the kids in her Southside community.

So, Antoinette Essa surprised her with a special thank you gift in the latest edition of CBS 6 Gives.

"We have heard from a lot of in the neighborhood that you are like the mother of this neighborhood. You take care of everybody. You provide food and shelter and you're always helping people when they need," said Essa.

"So we wanted to do something special for you at CBS 6... We do something called CBS 6 Gives and we have some wonderful flowers for you for all the wonderful things you do. And a gift card to treat yourself."

"Thank you," said Lindsay.

"Thank you because you do so much for others. We want to give back to you and to celebrate you and Randy called us. Randy said you got to come and help. And let's celebrate that because we don't have too many people like that in our neighborhood," said Essa.

"Thank you, Mama. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for watching over us, not just me, but all the kids, if you come around this neighborhood, from the little ones to the big ones they all call her Mama. They all know who she is," said Randy.

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