Brendan King gives to Chesterfield nonprofit surviving ‘month to month’

Brendan King gives to Chesterfield non-profit surviving ‘month to month’
Posted at 5:01 PM, May 02, 2022

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A Chesterfield nonprofit born during the start of the pandemic has helped hundreds of families in the Latino and immigrant communities.

Fast forward two years and Waymakers Foundation Executive Director Natasha Lemus said she’s operating “month to month".

“It has been rough,” Lemus recalled. “But it has been fulfilling and amazing.”

“Amazing” in that she and her volunteers help 250 families every week. Lemus would like to help dozens of more families who currently fill her waiting list.

Lemus moved her nonprofit and food bank into a larger space on Hull Street Road on October 2021 to help additional members of the immigrant community.

However, most of the COVID-19 relief money that she received when she started her advocacy work in April 2020 has been used.

"Our phone lines are non-stop 24/7," she said.

As part of CBS 6 Gives, Brendan King visited Waymakers Foundation and surprised Lemus with a monetary donation.

“I think Mr. Rogers said it best: in times of crisis, you always look for the heroes,” Brendan said. “We'd love to recognize you all and we'll be making a donation to the Waymakers Foundation, so you can continue your great work.”

Lemus said it’s the beginning of understanding the impact of the pandemic and the challenges it has left behind.