Blind and nonverbal, local contestant in Miss Amazing pageant uses music to express her feelings

Posted at 8:43 PM, Apr 20, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – COVID-19 has forced changes to events including the Miss Amazing contest, a program for girls and women with disabilities.

The program was done virtually last year.

But the show went on this year with some limitations Saturday, April 17.

Blair Bayer said her daughter, 12-year-old Aydin Mcveigh-Bayer, is legally blind and nonverbal after an accident at birth.

“She is the toughest of all of us. She’s the rock of our whole family,” said Blair.

Aydin is the oldest of four. She has three little brothers.

Her mom said she has undergone nine brain surgeries.

“They said she would never walk, never talk and that I needed to put her in her home,” she said.

Blair said her 12-year-old has a special gift for music. She said Aydin can remember lyrics and uses songs to express her feelings. Aydin likes singing everything from rap to country music.

“She’ll have songs that are sad that she’ll sing to us when she’s not happy or songs when she’s really happy,” said Blair.

She used that talent to enter the Virginia Miss Amazing Preteen contest again this year.

Last year, she took the crown and was the runner-up this year.

Sgt. Lanis Geluso is State Director for the Virginia Miss Amazing pageant. She is a sergeant for the Virginia Beach Police Department and has been volunteering with the organization for the past five years.

She said the majority of volunteers are first responders. Each contestant gets paired up with an officer in uniform.

Geluso said they have moved away from the event being run like a pageant and says it is more like a program now.

She said the girls are unstoppable and extremely inspiring.

Aydin’s dad, Jacob Bayer, said this is an awesome event for his family and the community.

“The kids, when they see them [the officers] come out in their uniforms, they light up and they feel special. That’s what it’s about, for sure,” said Jacob.

And Miss Amazing is a family affair for the Bayers.

“She feels super comfortable up on the stage because she has us surrounding her,” said Aydin's mom.

She also gets a lot of support from all three brothers and her parents.

“She helps us see things that I could never see before her,” said Blair Bayer.

She said the family is going to Nashville to compete this summer on the national level.