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Mom finds pictures of her kids in shocking place on Facebook: ‘My mouth dropped’

Posted at 8:43 AM, Jan 24, 2020

ARCHDALE, N.C.  - A simple scroll on Facebook took a concerning turn for a mother from North Carolina.

Becky Smith said she was not expecting to see a portrait of her three kids used on someone's profile, according to WGHP.

She said a man who lives nearly 300 miles away used a picture of her kids as his own profile picture. She didn't know him at all and found it very creepy.

"My mouth dropped and I'm like am I seeing this for real? I was just like, what in the world? I took screenshots of it to make sure it was real," Smith said.

Smith says she was so confused and didn't understand why anyone would do this.

"I definitely describe it as creepy because I just can't imagine what the reasoning is why he would use somebody else's picture," Smith said.

She shared what happened with her friends and reported the photo to Facebook.

"I got two responses from Facebook today saying that they didn't think anything was wrong ... that they investigated it and that that person was not trying to pretend to be me," Smith said.

Smith said she shares pictures of her kids all the time online, especially to connect with friends far away.

"I love being able to see their kids growing up that way and I know they like seeing my kids growing," Smith said.

Smith even took it a step further by sending the man a personal message asking him to remove the picture.

"I sent him a private message and just said, 'Why are you using my photo as your profile picture?'" Smith said.

WGHP reached out to Facebook about the issue All they could tell us is that their team is looking into the matter and will take appropriate action.

"I just want the picture taken down. I mean I just really wish that Facebook would make him take it down and just be more mindful of things like this that happen," Smith said.

Later in the evening, Smith noticed the man took the image down. Facebook also confirmed with us the image was removed.