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Henrico Police: No shooting at Moody Middle School

Posted at 12:17 PM, Jan 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-13 17:10:37-05

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Henrico Police say no active shooter has been located and no students are injured after reports of an "active shooter" at Moody Middle School Monday morning.

Police say they received an E-911 text indicating there was an “active shooter” along the 7800 block of Woodman Road, where Moody Middle School is located.

“Obviously with a heightened awareness. First responders responded promptly and very quickly in masses to ensure the safety of everyone there at the school,” said Lt. Matthew Pecka. “We take these calls very seriously.”

Henrico police say they have identified a person of interest and are still in the preliminary stages of their investigation.

Henrico Schools spokesperson Andy Jenks confirms that there was no evidence of an actual active shooter and no evidence that students were in harm’s way.

Jenks says police searched the school door to door before giving an all-clear Monday afternoon.

“Henrico Police have completed their search. The school is considered safe,” said Jenks. “Classroom instruction will continue in ‘lock and teach’ until the normal end of the school day. Students who use bus transportation can still ride the bus home as they normally would.”

Jenks says parents/guardians who wish to pick up their students early can do so.

“Please be prepared to follow the normal early dismissal procedures, and be aware that today it will take much longer than usual due to the number of families who responded to the scene,” said Jenks.

School officials say the school day will proceed on schedule until the normal dismissal time but all after-school activities for Moody Middle School have been canceled.

Debbie Flores, a Moody Middle parent, says her daughter alerted her to the situation through a text message.

“She’s asking me if I know anything, because, of course, I’m constantly trying to get involved, like, what’s going on. School’s not answering, so, we don’t know,” said Flores. “Parents are calling me. I don’t know how to answer their questions, because I don’t know what’s going on myself and I’m panicking a little bit because she’s starting to panic a little bit.”

“I thought there was a shooting. I really did and I just came here to back up the police. I’m sorry. I’m going to protect my child. I am,” Flores added.

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